While many wonderful commercial software packages exist for visualising scientific data (such as the widely used Interactive Data Language), I found they were cumbersome for particle-based data. Much of what I wanted to do was specific to SPH, like interpolating to an array of pixels using the kernel. While generic routines exist for such tasks, I could not explain how they worked, and they were slow. Also, while interactive gizmos are handy, it was more difficult to perform the same tasks non-interactively, as required for the production of animations. The major work in the visualisation of SPH data is not the image production itself but the manipulation of data prior to plotting. Much of this manipulation makes sense within an SPH framework.

splash is designed for this specific task - to use SPH tools to analyse SPH data. Publishable images and animations can be obtained efficiently from the raw data with a minimum amount of user effort. The development of powerful visualisation tools has enabled me to pick up on effects present in my simulation results that I would not otherwise have noticed — the difference between a raw particle plot and a rendered image can be substantial. A key goal of splash is to eliminate the use of crap-looking particle plots as a means of representing SPH data.

What it does

splash is a utility for visualisation of output from (astrophysical) simulations using the Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) method in one, two and three dimensions. It is written in modern Fortran and utilises giza, a custom-build backend graphics library to do the actual plotting. The following features are included:

Examples of plots produced with splash can be found in the gallery or by looking at papers with figures produced using splash.

What it doesn’t do

splash is geared towards gas dynamics simulations with SPH and has basically grown out of my visualisation needs. Thus it is not particularly useful for things like water and solids in SPH. An SPH visualisation tool geared towards the non-gaseous side of things you may want to have a look at is pv-meshless, by John Biddiscombe.

splash also doesn’t make coffee.

splash, the paper

The algorithms implemented in splash are not described here, but instead described in a paper [Price07], available from:

This paper should be cited if you use splash for scientific purposes, and please do so as it is my only form of thanks.

Version History

3.10.2: (01/03/24)

  • reads phantom dumps with adaptive particle refinement

  • improved splash to phantom conversion

  • better documentation of splash calc lightcurve (thanks to Chunliang Mu)

  • saving dust density limits now applies to all dust species

3.10.1: (4/12/23)

  • bug fix with accreted particles appearing in smoothed particle plots

  • automated Trad/Tgas in extra quantities from phantom dumps with radiation

3.10.0: (30/11/23)

  • –sort flag to sort filenames for comparison plots

  • –movie flag to automatically make movie from sequence of files

  • giza backend now supports direct output of mp4 movies

3.9.0: (06/11/23)

  • follow-the-label column choice, where if a label is selected for plotting from the first file, it will automagically shift to find the matching label in subsequent files, even if the column containing the quantity has changed

  • implemented vtk reader capable of reading snapshots from Shamrock code

  • apply transparency to smoothed particle plot only if adaptive smoothing used

  • plot colour bar by default when particle colouring by quantity is used

  • can read velocity array from fits header for position-position-velocity cubes

  • bug fix with first page being white with smoothed particle plots on black background

  • bug fix finding .comp file if underscore in the directory name

3.8.5: (23/10/23)

  • implemented smoothed particle plots with multiple steps per page

  • allow for .cols and .comp file in current directory even if the filepath is not the current dir

  • sphmoments utility added

  • added routine to extract velocity dimension from fits files

  • bug fix with repeated string replacements giving endless backslashes in labels

  • bug fix reading long filenames in denoise

3.8.4: (18/08/23)

  • various bugs fixed in GADGET data reader

  • auto-recognise GADGET block format

  • improved conservation checks in splash to grid (thanks to Avi Chen)

  • better handling of AREPO data

  • bug fix with timestep not advancing

  • no longer ask about particle types in multiplot if only one type present

3.8.3: (05/07/23)

  • flip option (f/F in interactive mode) now persists across timesteps and works in snapshots other than the first

  • bugs fixed in Tipsy data read (thanks to Alex Pettitt)

  • auto-recognition of Tipsy binary formats implemented

  • show units labels in calculated quantities list

3.8.2: (12/05/23)

  • phantom data read looks for .comp file containing additional composition data

  • also looks for .cols file containing any extra columns with one row per particle

  • recognise opacity if extra quantity called “kappa” calculated

3.8.1: (01/05/23)

  • seg faults in auto-magic exact solution mapping fixed

  • longer line limit in determining number of columns in ascii/exact solution files

  • automatically handle log in exact solution labels (e.g. logR, logT)

3.8.0: (26/04/23)

  • plots multiple renderings with transparent background if more than one timestep per page selected

  • auto-magically map exact solution columns onto splash columns

  • added –exact=file1,file2 to switch on plotting of exact solution from file(s)

  • added –track=maxdens and –origin=maxdens to track/recentre on maximum density

  • pressing backspace over legends deletes them

  • use density weighted and normalised rendering by default in projection plots of vector fields

3.7.2: (21/02/23)

  • bug fix recognising labels like v_{phi} on command line, can now use -r vphi

3.7.1: (09/02/23)

  • libexact build failure fixed

3.7.0: (09/02/23)

  • splash calc extinction computes column density to all sink particles in the simulation

  • bug fix with rendering vector components (e.g. vr) in non-cartesian coordinate systems

  • bug fix with both quantities appearing in black and white when double rendering

3.6.0: (31/10/22)

  • skip particles with zero weight in interpolation, large speedup in some cases (thanks to T. Bending)

  • splash calc plus and splash calc minus for adding/subtracting snapshots

  • added –origin=6245 flag to centre the origin on particle 6245

  • added –hdu=1 flag to read from a particular hdu in a fits file

  • use wcs coordinates / arcseconds for fits images if present in header

  • option –dense to reset to densest clump in phantom/sphNG data read (thanks to J. Wurster)

3.5.1: (20/06/22)

  • bug fix with autolog limits

  • build failures in libexact and libread fixed and now tested

  • recognise labels on command line e.g. -r density

  • limits option for centred cube (thanks to J. Wurster)

3.5.0: (17/06/22)

  • bug fix with blank lines in splash.titles

  • bug fix with large line lengths in csv files

  • allow blank labels in csv headers

  • bug fix with display of column labels from ascii/csv files

  • log colour bar by default when using -r flag if more than 3 orders of magnitude range

3.4.0: (24/03/22)

  • density weighted interpolation now applied automatically to projection plots of quantities that are not densities

  • added flags –codeunits or –code to enforce code units from command line

  • successfully parse csv files where some of the fields are character strings

3.3.5: (01/03/22)

  • bug fix with disappearing sinks in phantom MPI dumps

3.3.4: (21/01/22)

  • improved visual appearance of normalised renderings with free boundaries

  • automatically read planet-wake parameters from phantom file headers

  • added –wake=1,3 flag to plot wake from sink particle 3 around star 1

  • bug fix with disappearing sinks in phantom MPI dumps

  • fixed seg fault in fits reader

3.3.3: (19/11/21)

  • “splash to csv” exports to comma separated variable (.csv) format

  • automatically apply -ev flag for filenames ending in .ev, .mdot or .out

  • improved label recognition from ascii file headers

  • additional divergent colour schemes (thanks to Sahl Rowther)

  • deal with merged sink particles from phantom (thanks to James Wurster)

  • bug fix with units resetting to 1

  • skip blank and comment lines in splash.filenames

3.3.2: (20/07/21)

  • bug fix with -dev flag

  • silenced unnecessary dust warnings in sphNG read

  • change-of-limits animation sequence works for vector plots

  • automatic recognition of ndspmhd format

3.3.1: (19/07/21)

  • f/F in interactive mode flips y axis on 2D plots to next column

  • gradual transparency in double rendering rather than sharp cutoff

  • removed S from main menu as now redundant

  • allow longer paths with -dev flag

  • added –xmin,–xmax,–ymin,–ymax flags for manual margin adjustment

  • bug fix with relativistic corrections in splash calc lightcurve

3.3.0: (20/05/21)

  • bug fix with surface density plot with physical units on

  • splash calc lightcurve computes spectra from local blackbody emission if T and kappa given

  • lightcurve now performs frequency-dependent ray tracing

  • added “–anglex”,”–angley”,”–anglez” flags

  • can add labelled arrows by typing ^ in interactive mode, also delete/edit

  • capital M, 0 or ncols+1 from main menu gives multiplot

  • added -multi flag for multiplot from command line

3.2.1: (26/04/21)

  • added –xsec=1.0 and –kappa=1.0 flags to specify cross section position and opacity, respectively

  • specifying –xsec automatically switches from projection to cross section

  • specifying –kappa turns on opacity rendering

  • bug fix in splash calc tracks

  • can use –track=1,2,3 to specify list of particles

3.2.0: (20/04/21)

  • disable ALL prompts if any command line flags set

  • all environment variables can now be given as command line flags using lower case string after last underscore e.g. SPLASH_CENTRE_ON_SINK=1 becomes –sink=1 on command line

  • useful options include –corotate, –sink=1, –debug and more

  • splash to grid recognises flags including –periodic, –npix=100,100,100 and –convert=1,4

  • added -gandalf and -f gandalf as shortcut for seren data read

  • assume default xw device and disable device prompt if any command line flags set

  • s/S options now do the same thing

3.1.1: (31/03/21)

  • automatically plot y vs x given a two-column data file

  • planet wake coordinate system added

  • bug fix with SPLASH_COROTATE

  • bug fix reading phantom dumps when number of particles of each type does not match itype array

  • bug fixes in grid2pdf

3.1.0: (16/02/21)

  • splash calc lightcurve implemented

  • sink particles ON by default

  • changing units rescales plot limits correctly

  • further improvements to ray tracing / opacity rendering with physical opacity

  • can change units temporarily without writing .units file

  • auto-select closest velocity and mass unit and better default time unit in phantom/sphNG read

  • error message if Inf or NaN read from .units file

  • bug fix with units prompt

  • floating colour bars are white not black

  • automatically write copyright in Hollywood mode

  • auto-render fits files

  • read softening length from phantom sinks if accretion radius is zero

3.0.2: (20/01/21)

  • opacity rendering uses physical value of kappa, can also use opacity defined on particles

  • can track multiple particles with ‘splash calc tracks’ by specifying ids in splash.tracks file

  • support for SWIFT code in gadget_hdf5

  • auto-recognise format for .csv files

  • improved starsmasher data read

  • improved physical unit selection

  • exact solution lines can be plotted in background colour

  • bug fix for dead particles in phantom dumps

  • seg fault in fits reader fixed

  • seg fault in gadget data read fixed

  • bug fix in x-menu options

3.0.0: (26/08/20)

  • Unified splash binary with -f flag to specify format

  • automated format recognition for phantom, gadget (and hdf5 variants) and fits

  • cleaner d) menu

  • splash is compiled in double precision by default

  • rotation settings used in splash to grid to rotate particles

  • bug fix in mbatesph data read

  • pysplash utility for reading SPH data formats into python

  •, and libraries

2.10.1: (24/06/20)

  • exact solution can appear in legend

  • can also plot under data

  • fits reader and denoise utility can read/write spectral cubes

  • text shapes can print header variables using %(var)

  • can shift cross section by precise amounts in interactive mode using number followed by u/d

  • fits reader includes header quantities

  • reduced verbosity for non-interactive plots

  • use of fake dust particles is now via menu option, not environment variable

  • max particle types = 24

  • userguide in readthedocs format

  • bug fix with save limits with particle tracking

  • support for .pfm pixelmap format as output

  • physical units are ON by default

  • prompts only for particle types present in data

2.10.0: (14/02/20)

  • much improved splash to grid - bug fixes with pixel number and roundoff error

  • use Petkova (2018) method for sub-pixel rendering to 3D grid and 3D projections

  • added bytestream output formats for splash to grid and splash to ascii

  • can press number and -/+ to zoom out/in by that factor in interactive mode

  • use SPLASH_COROTATE=1,3 to corotate with arbitrary pair of sink particles

  • SPLASH_COROTATE also gives velocity field in corotating frame

  • splash to ascii can write particular columns by setting SPLASH_CONVERT=1,4

  • plasma beta correct in both code and physical units

  • working fits reader and splash-denoise utility

2.9.1: (08/11/19)

  • cleaner menu options for units and calculated quantities

  • surface rendering allowed with 3D perspective turned off

  • automatic labelling of grain sizes in density and column density plots

  • adaptive limits on log colour bars show 3 dex range by default

  • auto-adjust limits to device aspect ratio works with multiple panels

  • bug fixes with r-z rendering

  • Toomre Q prompts for mass

2.9.0: (05/04/19)

  • general header quantities are read and available in function parser

  • more robust label detection and parsing during ascii data read

  • splash to grid works in non-cartesian geometries

  • added flared and log-flared coordinate systems

  • Doppler shift colour bar

  • can customise line style and colour when plotting multiple exact solutions

  • seg faults fixed

  • better plot tiling decisions

  • disappearing arrows bug fix

  • Rafikov disc- planet exact solution added

  • atan2 implemented in function parser

  • various multigrain phantom read fixes (incl. seg faults)

  • exact rendering implemented in 2D

  • libsplash implemented for use as Python splash backend

2.8.0: (06/04/18)

  • 360/4pi video mode added

  • automatically read labels from ascii file headers

  • nearest sensible unit (e.g. au or pc) used by default

  • cactus hdf5 data read

  • kernel-smoothed particle plots of arbitrary quantities

  • Viridis, Ocean and Inferno colour schemes

  • can customise line colours

  • Bondi flow exact solution

  • option for ticks but no labels

  • correct units in surface density plots

  • colour bar on top or left

  • support for multi-grain dust in Phantom

  • bug fix with NaNs in ascii files

2.7.0: (03/05/17)

  • Hollywood mode added (ctrl-m in interactive mode)

  • better handling of dust/gas phantom data

  • added rotated cartesian geometry

  • rendering implemented in r-phi coordinates

  • added Fortran 2008 intrinsics to function parser

  • better rectangle plotting

  • better falcON data read

  • Ogilvie-Lubow exact solution for planet-disc interaction

  • tipsy read now works when splash compiled in double precision

  • splash to gridascii2 implemented

  • bugs with r-phi rendering fixed

2.6.0: (22/10/15)

  • SILO, falcON and .pbob data reads implemented

  • bug fixes in gadget-hdf5 reader

  • can recognise particle types in ascii read

  • more robust sphNG read

  • dust fraction recognised in phantom data read

  • Toomre Q works in physical units

  • bug fix with disappearing units labels

  • bug fix in shock tube exact solution

  • added splash calc delta

  • splash to ascii keeps precision

  • better power spectra

2.5.1: (29/01/15)

  • error bar style options

  • support for 5K displays

  • can plot vectors and render with colours if h not read

  • range restrictions apply during splash to grid

  • improved line-style legend

  • now up to 6 line styles

  • fixes to amuse-hdf5 read

  • phantom read handles star/dm particles

  • various bugs fixed

2.5.0: (22/08/14)

  • instant multiplots by giving multiple columns as y axis

  • ability to plot multiple exact solution files on same plot

  • compiles in parallel by default

  • support for tagged sphNG/Phantom format

  • AMUSE hdf5 format reader added

  • various bug fixes

2.4.1: (01/04/14)

  • Roche-lobe plotting vastly improved

  • newunit= issue fixed

  • bug fix with reading sink velocities from Phantom

  • other minor bug fixes.

2.4.0: (21/02/14)

  • time formatting in legend can include general functions like %(t + 1000)

  • option to include sinks in opacity rendering

  • supports one-fluid dust visualisation

  • C-shock exact solution

  • better polytrope solution

2.3.1: (11/11/13)

  • SPLASH_COROTATE option to plot in frame corotating with sinks

  • bug fixes with handling of dead/accreted/boundary particles in sphNG/phantom

  • various other bugs fixed.

2.3.0: (09/08/13)

  • can customise time formatting in legend

  • improvements to legends

  • less verboseness

  • splash can read and plot pixel maps produced with -o ascii

  • 3D vector field plotting improved

  • bug fix with gfortran 4.8

2.2.2: (10/05/13)

  • particle tracking by type implemented

  • can interpolate specific columns in splash to grid

  • SPLASH_CENTRE_ON_SINK option generic to all data reads

  • Aly Reheam format added

  • option for 2nd y axis on plots

  • bug fix with X11 linking on Ubuntu

  • can read gadget ICs files

2.2.1: (21/02/13)

  • minor bug with axes plotting fixed

  • Wendland kernels added

  • bugs with exact solution plotting fixed

  • bug fix with tracking of dark matter particles

2.2.0: (16/11/12)

  • option to use different kernels for interpolation

  • floating/inset colour bars added

  • splash to gadget conversion implemented

  • splash to grid works in 2D

  • improved interfaces to shapes and animation sequences

  • automatically turns on dark matter particle plotting if no gas

  • interactive mode help displayed automatically

2.1.1: (31/08/12)

  • irregular/circular particle selection using shift-left/middle click

  • improved h5part and GADGET HDF5 data reads

  • splash can be compiled in double precision

  • bug fixes with calculated quantities + change of coordinate systems

  • improved vector plot legend

  • option for box+numbers but no labels added

2.1.0: (16/05/12)

  • 3D vector field visualisation added

  • GADGET HDF5 read implemented

  • page sizes can be specified in pixels

  • limits can auto-adapt to device aspect ratio

  • more general exact solution from file option

  • tiling works with one colour bar per row

  • splash calc handles different particle types

2.0.0: (29/08/11)

  • new giza backend - antialiased lines

  • real fonts

  • pdf, eps and svg drivers

  • fewer build dependencies (only cairo, X11)

  • support for semi-transparent text

  • Double rendering (with transparent background) implemented.

1.15.0: (29/08/11)

  • Multiplot with different particle types implemented

  • calculated quantities list is now pre-filled automatically

  • preliminary support for r-phi and r-z rendering

  • outlined solid markers implemented

  • better handling of multiple types

  • manual contour levels can be specified in splash.contours

  • parallel splash to grid

  • better support for non-square pixels

  • clipping of numbers at edge of viewport fixed

1.14.1: (17/03/11)

  • SEREN data read added

  • dragon read updated

  • build follows Gnu conventions on DEST and DESTDIR (needed for macports build)

  • can have up to 12 particle types

  • exact solutions re-ordered

  • dusty wave exact solution added

1.14.0: (06/12/10)

  • Can flip between rendered quantities in interactive mode using ‘f/F’

  • SPLASH_DEFAULTS variable can be set for system-wide defaults

  • can plot arbitrary functions of x,t as exact solution

  • asplash better handles blank lines in header and can specify time, gamma location with env. variables

  • added data read for the H5PART format

  • GADGET read across multiple files implemented

  • VINE read works with particle injection

  • error bars can be plotted for both x and y axis simultaneously

  • default rotation angles are set if 3D perspective turned on

  • new directory layout and more helpful error messages during build

  • PGPLOT linking is easier to get right.

1.13.1: (26/02/10)

  • bugs with new calc_quantities module fixed

  • generic library interface implemented so backend can be changed easily

  • bug fix with auto pixel selection

  • simpler foreground/background colour setting

  • added subgrid interpolation warning

1.13.0: (25/02/10)

  • function parser incorporated

  • calculated quantities can now be specified at runtime, arbitrary function plotting implemented as an exact solution

  • command-line SPH->grid conversion (“splash to grid”) implemented

  • ctrl-t in interactive mode adds arbitrary text box

  • better line style/colour changing

  • bug fix with tiling and y-axis labels

  • various other bug fixes.

1.12.2: (15/07/09)

  • Variable marker sizes added, can plot particles as circles with size proportional to h

  • dark matter rendering with block-labelled GADGET format fixed

  • VINE read handles star particles

  • TIPSY read with ifort10.0.0 works

  • snsph read added

  • splash to phantom added

  • does not override labels for coords, vectors by default

  • bug fixes with contouring options

  • stability bug fixes with older compilers

  • more robust memory handling

  • bug fix with automatic pixel selection causing seg fault.

1.12.1: (20/04/09)

  • Can edit/delete text shapes interactively, also the colour bar label

  • can customise the label on projection plots

  • contour levels better defined


  • option for numeric labelling of contours

  • contour limits can be set separately to render limits for same quantity

  • minor bug fixes.

1.12.0: (22/12/08)

  • Command-line plotting implemented

  • ln transform added

  • bug fixes in GADGET read

  • Backspace over annotation (legends,titles,axes,colour bar) in interactive mode removes it

  • “splash calc” command line utility calculates time sequences of global quantities from a sequence of dump files

  • bug fix causing seg fault.

1.11.1: (13/10/08)

  • automatic number of pixels and exact pixel boundaries implemented

  • mass does not have to be read from dump file

  • frame changes are per-page not per-dump file for animation sequences

  • lower stacksize footprint

  • bug fix with circles of interaction

  • bug fixes with block-labelled GADGET read

  • Steve Foulkes data read added.

1.11.0: (15/08/08)

  • ability to use subset of particles in restricted parameter range(s)

  • probability density function plot option

  • plot-hugging colour bars added

  • ability to annotate plot with a range of shapes

  • v,V,w and H implemented in interactive mode for >1 panel

  • various bug fixes (including one with vphi).

1.10.2: (08/05/08)

  • disc surface density / toomre q parameter plotting added

  • flash colour schemes added

  • splash to binary convert option

  • can change order in which particle types are plotted

  • splash.columns file overrides column label settings

  • vanaverbeke format read

  • various bug fixes.

1.10.1: (11/03/08)

  • “splash to” command line option converts binary dumps to ascii format

  • vector plots + rotation now implemented

  • block labelled GADGET format read

  • ring-spreading exact solution added.

1.10.0: (28/11/07)

  • horizontal colour bars implemented

  • -p, -o command line options

  • can have mixed types in data reads

  • TIPSY and DRAGON data reads

  • density weighted rendering

  • normalisation applies to column density plots

  • improved particle tracking

  • save as option

  • various bug fixes

1.9.2: (12/09/07)

  • improvements to ascii read including asplash -e option

  • smarter foreground/background colour changing for titles

  • min=max problem fixed (caught by splash not pgplot)

  • fixed vector arrow length option

  • other minor changes and bug fixes

1.9.1: (11/07/07)

  • environment variables + improvements to gadget data read

  • better prompting

  • 3 new colour schemes

  • improved legend/title options

  • other minor changes

1.9.0: (21/05/07)

  • animation sequences implemented

  • origin settings now affect radius calculation and are relative to tracked particle

  • automatic line width choice for postscript devices

  • w key adapts vector arrows

  • vastly improved userguide

1.8.1: (28/03/07)

  • option to hide vector arrows where there are no particles added

  • smoother 3D plotting at low pixel numbers

  • smoother vector plots

  • bug fixes with a)

  • issues with round-off error with z integration of vectors fixed.

1.8.0: (14/03/07)

  • hidden particles not used in rendering

  • units for z integration added

    1. & g) implemented in interactive mode for multiple-plots-per-page

  • improved cross section using x in interactive mode

1.7.2: (19/02/07)

  • Menu shortcuts implemented

  • bug fix/ more sensible transformation of angular vector components in different co-ordinate systems

  • improvements to interactive zoom and origin recentreing

  • improved colour-by-type option

  • restrictions on page size removed

  • minor bug fixes

1.7.1: (04/01/07)

  • command line options for defaults and limits files added

  • minor bug fixes

1.7.0: (13/12/06)

  • renamed SPLASH instead of SUPERSPHPLOT

  • much faster data read for gadget and sphNG reads (only required columns read)

  • physical units can be saved to file

  • new menu formats

  • various other bug fixes

1.6.2: (24/10/06)

  • fast particle plotting and streamline plotting implemented

  • more bug fixes with interactive mode on multiplots

  • various other bug fixes

1.6.1: (24/8/06)

  • bug fixes to 1.6.0, further improvements to interactive mode on multiplots

1.6.0: (10/8/06)

  • Interactive mode on multiple plots per page

  • highly optimised interpolation + parallel version

  • new Makefile

  • various bug fixes

1.5.4: (06/7/06)

  • Handles multiple SPH/non-SPH particle types

  • axes redrawn after rendering

  • minor bug fixes

1.5.3: (27/6/06)

  • minor bug fixes/improvements to multiple plots per page

  • colour bar labelling tiled plots

  • legend

  • Accelerated rendering option for projections.

1.5.2: (11/5/06)

  • “S)” option for saving limits and defaults

  • MUCH faster interactive replotting (no unnecessary re-rendering)

  • a few other minor things

1.5.1: (26/4/06)

  • docs updated for v1.5, other minor changes

1.5.0: (17/3/06)

  • 3D perspective added

  • 3D opacity rendering

  • improved rotation, colour schemes

  • adjustable vector arrows (+legend)

  • improved timestepping behaviour

  • speed enhancements

  • physical unit rescaling

1.0.5: (28/9/05)

  • error calculation for exact solutions

  • legend for plot markers

  • exact_densityprofiles added

  • more colour schemes

  • unit rescaling improved

  • other minor changes + bug fixes

1.0.4: (17/8/05)

  • better colour schemes

  • interactive colour scheme changing

  • various minor changes and bug fixes

1.0.3: (5/7/05)

  • rescale data option

  • better page setup

  • improved zooming

  • interactive particle tracking

  • various minor changes and bug fixes

1.0.2 :

  • much improved ascii data read

  • better line plotting

  • zoom on powerspectrum plots + various bug fixes

1.0.1 :

  • bug fixes relating to colour bars on multiplots

1.0.0 :

  • first official release

  • version given to many people at IPAM meeting and put on web


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